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Agnisakshi – ಅಗ್ನಿಸಾಕ್ಷಿ – 22nd April 2014 – Full Episode

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Maya tells Chandrika that in case Sannidhi was brought into the company everyone will lose their ground. Maya also teases Chandrika that she cannot even control her. Chandrika answers her back that she knows the means...

Agnisakshi – ಅಗ್ನಿಸಾಕ್ಷಿ – 21st April 2014 – Full Episode

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When Sannidhi questions Siddartha about why he is not visiting Chandan's House. He replies her back that he has his Chinnu at that house. Akhil comes to know that the girl whom he was speaking to over the phone has no...

Agnisakshi – ಅಗ್ನಿಸಾಕ್ಷಿ – 18th April 2014 – Full Episode

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Chandrika was successful escaping from her fraud when her father-in-law interferes in the situation. Sannidhi denies Siddartha comes close to her thinking that she might fall for his love. Chandrika was Successful in ...

Agnisakshi – 17th April 2014 – Full Episode

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Akhil calls Tanu and enquires about a female voice. Tanu justifies him that it is her maid's voice, but still Akhil doubts her. Dr. Sandhya when meeting Siddharth in the temple praises him for marrying Sannidhi. W...

Agnisakshi – ಅಗ್ನಿಸಾಕ್ಷಿ – 16th April 2014 – Full Episode

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Siddharth tells Sannidhi that he never hesitates to talk about Chinnu anytime. Siddharth tells Maya to prepare tea herself instead of waiting for Sannidhi to prepare. Chandrika questions Siddharth when he carries the ...

Agnisakshi : ಅಗ್ನಿಸಾಕ್ಷಿ – 15th April 2014 – Full Episode

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Sannidhi visits the shopkeeper and thanks him for saving Siddharth. When Akhil comes back empty handed without bringing his brother the family gets worried. Akhil calls Tanu and asks her to come for a discussion regar...

Agnisakshi : ಅಗ್ನಿಸಾಕ್ಷಿ – 14th April 2014 – Full Episode

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Sannidhi puts all her efforts to search for Siddharth. Finally her efforts yield a good result as she is able to find Siddharth in a bus shelter, Sannidhi invites Siddharth back home but Siddharth refuses. Sannidhi sl...

Ashwini Nakshatra : ??????? ??????? – 11th April 2014 – Full Episode

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Guruji's straightforward talks were could not tolerated by Radha's family. Manasi provokes Ashwini to ask JK to apologize with the producer, but Ashwini politely denies this. Aayi teaches a lesson to Bhavana when she ...

Agnisakshi : ??????????? – 11th April 2014 – Full Episode

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Sannidhi searches Siddarth everywhere, and decides that without searching for Siddharth she will not return back home. The family members not finding Siddharth and Sannidhi at home the entire family get scared. Watch ...

Agnisakshi : ??????????? – 9th April 2014 – Full Episode

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The entire family feels bad about Siddharth. He decides to vacate the house to compensate for his mistakes. Anjali and Akhil feel bad for yelling at Siddharth with Sannidhi Stay tuned for more. A marriage is said t...

Agnisakshi : ??????????? – 8th April 2014 – Full Episode

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Sannidhi requests Akhil to drop Tanu home, Maya gets angry on Sannidhi. When Sannidhi does not respond to Siddharth, Siddharth apologizes to her sincerely. Sannidhi tells Siddarth that she shouldn’t have touched the t...

Agnisakshi : ??????????? – 7th April 2014 – Full Episode

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Siddharth mourns looking at his act of spoiling Sannidhi's future. Sannidhi tries to avoid Tanu and her questions. Akhil tries to call Tanu repeatedly. Sannidhi finally agrees and explains Tanu about her life with Sid...

Agnisakshi : Agnisakshi – ??????????? – 4th April 2014 – Full

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Sannidhi talks happily with Siddharth her father-in-law feels happy about them, seeing this. WhenTanu plans to visit Sannidhi her mother tries to avoid her. Anjali tells Siddharth that she likes her sister-in-law a lo...

Agnisakshi : ??????????? – 3rd April 2014 – Full Episode

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Maya compares Siddharth and Sannidhi's fight to a movie. Anjali tells Siddharth that it was her plan to make Sannidhi wear his gifted saree. Akhil insults Siddharth for yelling at Sannidhi. Chandrika tells Maya that i...

Agnisakshi : ??????????? – 2nd April 2014 – Full Episode

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Akhil and Chandrika plan to take Sannidhi to another room to console her. Mohini questions Akhil about Siddharth's unusual behavior. Anjali asks several questions to Sannidhi without knowing about the background. Watc...

Agnisakshi : ??????????? – 31st March 2014 – Full Episode

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Sannidhi and her sister-in-law while cleaning Siddharth's room find a Saree in his cupboard. They think that it’s a gift for Sannidhi, and Sannidhi plans to wear the Saree. Siddharth could not concentrate in his work ...

Agnisakshi : 26th March 2014 – Full Episode

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Anjali questions Maya and inquires about her sister in law. Chandrika rejects sharing any secret with Maya about Sannidhi. Tanu feels bad when Akhil does not pick her repeated calls. Watch the episode for more. A m...

Agnisakshi : ??????????? – 25th March 2014 – Full Episode

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Siddarth feels bad about his behavior with Sannidhi and asks for her pardon. Priyanka and Mala enjoy looking at Sannidhi in a bad situation.Anjali overhears when Mala discusses about Sannidhi's medical report. Stay tu...

Agnisakshi : ??????????? – 24th March 2014 – Full Episode

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Agnisakshi : ??????????? – 21st March 2014 – Full Episode

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Agnisakshi : ??????????? – 20th March 2014 – Full Episode

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Shwetha asks Sannidhi about her sadness and tries to elicit information from her. Siddharth feels that they should not have visited Swamiji and tells Sannidhi not to believe him. Sannidhi tells Siddharth that everythi...

Agnisakshi – ??????????? – 19th February 2014 – Full Episode

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Sannidhi continues to feel upset thinking about Siddhu for still not changing his mind and later, to clear her doubts about Tanu, asks Anjali if she had informed Tanu about her sickness. Later, Siddu leaves when Anjal...

Agnisakshi : ??????????? – 13th March 2014 – Full Episode

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A marriage is said to begin once the bride and groom finish circling the holy fire. Agni Sakshi is the story of marriage which is over before it even begins.Nidhi, is engaged to marry Siddharth. She is a bright girl w...

Agnisakshi : – 12th March 2014 – Full Episode

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Sannidhi feels happy, when Siddu gives her the bangles. But later, she feels upset, when he tells her about having bought them for Chinnu. Later, Sannidhi begins to cry by expressing her problems before Chandrika, whe...

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